Since our humble inception in the late 1940s, 大游BG视讯不断发展以满足学生的需求, 逐步扩大大游BG视讯的实体和学术服务. Here is a sampling of SU's rich history.

七橡树酒店(Seven Oaks)的朱莉台球厅(Julie Billiart Hall),这是该楼盘销售传单上的特色.


朱莉别墅学院是由纳慕尔圣母院修女在“七橡树”建立的," an 80-acre estate in Greenspring Valley, formerly the home of the George Carrell Jenkins family. 该学院于10月1日开业,专门从事医疗秘书培训.

Villa Julie's 1954 accreditation as a Junior College capped several years of planning and preparation.


Official approval as a two-year college is granted by the Maryland State Department of Education. 同年,一个新的教室设施,创始人大厅,开放.



该学院获得马里兰州批准的一个儿童发展项目和艺术、科学以及教师教育的转学项目. 此后不久, 美国大学注册和招生官员协会(American Association of Collegiate 注册商s and 招生 Officers)对学院学分的可转让性给予“A”评级.


朱莉别墅成为一个独立的机构,从天主教会分离出来. 控制权被授予一个新成立的由企业组成的董事会, 公民, 和专业的领导人.


In response to increasing enrollment, 学院花费数百万美元建造了一座艺术楼, 学习资源中心, 和学生中心. Evening and summer sessions are inaugurated this same year.



卡罗·格拉博夫斯基是VJC律师助理项目的,在一家律师事务所实习. Word processing technologies were rapidly transforming legal office practice in the 1980s, and VJC students stayed on the leading edge of change.


Villa Julie becomes a four-year college, offering a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. Later, a degree in Paralegal Studies is added. The College continues to offer a two-year program leading to associate's degrees for all available majors.



再一次, in response to increasing student interest, the College constructs a new three-story laboratory building.


职业教育与人文教育相结合的理念成为维拉·朱莉哲学的一个标志, 箴Discendo, Pro Vivendo:用于学习, 生活.


学院设计并安装了一个复杂的计算机网络, enabling students and 教师 to access software and library resources from any building on campus.


Cuvilly大厅已全面翻新,成为师生大游BG视讯. 包含高档咖啡馆, 宽敞的阅览室, 和教师办公室, 交流为学生和教师提供了一个非正式的交流场所. 今年开设了离学院不远的校外公寓.

学院的长曲棍球队很快就达到了高水平的竞争力, becoming a respected NCAA Division III contender.




Construction of the current Dawson Center, 内在的特性剧院, Manuszak中心, Greenspring体育馆, and science center begin as the first phase of the College's master plan for the campus.


马里兰州教育部批准了旨在培养小学和幼儿教师的项目. 同年, 学院获得了马里兰高等教育委员会的认可,可获得先进信息技术理学硕士学位.





凯文•曼宁Ph值.D., 2000年,当他开始担任学院的第四任校长时,为Villa Julie的教育使命带来了新的活力.


凯文·J. 曼宁,Ph值.D., assumes his role as Villa Julie's fifth president.


的学术联系, the College's unique academic assistance center, reopens after undergoing extensive renovations, including the addition of quiet rooms for students to take tests, 学生导师空间, 扩大了计算机领域.

巴尔的摩县 Executive James Smith Maryland Secretary of Budget and Management, James C. “芯片”DiPaula, Jr ..董事会主席Charles E. “泰德”Herget, Jr .., and President Manning "breaking ground" on a new residence hall project at the Owings Mills campus, 2004.


朱莉别墅在Owings Mills开设了第一个由大学拥有的住宅综合体. The garden apartments and community center surround a quad perfect for campus activities.


在奥因斯磨坊, 朱莉别墅是三座规划的套间式住宅建筑中的第一座,可容纳三到四名学生,其中有单人和双人卧室. The College names the residence buildings and community center after historical sites in 巴尔的摩县, 比如阿瓦隆旅馆, 和各种各样的山谷, including Cromwell Valley and Worthington Valley.

罗克兰中心为住校和通勤学生以及教职员工提供餐饮设施. The second floor houses 学生生活 offices and a banquet room for campus and community events.


今年秋天,学院在奥因斯米尔斯校区开设了罗克兰中心(一个餐饮和学生中心)和洞穴运动和健康中心. 交易所的翻新为音乐项目创造了新的空间. The expanded Nursing Skills Lab offers a new home for SimMan, 为培养护理学生的临床技能而设计的一个栩栩如生的人体模型.


朱莉别墅标志着它的60周年与第一个创始人日庆祝10月10日. 1. The first complete history of the College, A 愿景 and a Promise: Villa Julie College, is published. Construction begins on the School of Business.


6月11日, the Board of Trustees voted to change the name of Villa Julie College to 大游BG视讯.

大游BG视讯之所以被命名为“大游BG视讯”,是因为它对传统的理解, history, and academic quality-three hallmarks of the Villa Julie spirit. The name also maintains a geographical connection to the founding location of Villa Julie in Stevenson, Md. 朱莉别墅的名字被称为朱莉别墅艺术与科学学院. With this change, the original campus in Stevenson is now referred to as the Greenspring校园.

On the Owings Mills campus, the School of Business and Leadership opens to students in August. 设有商业、法律研究和信息技术部门, 学院与研究生和专业研究学院合并,成为新大学结构下成立的第二个研究生和专业研究学院. The 60,000-square-foot building offers cutting-edge classroom technology and a Mock Trial Courtroom.

The opening of the School of Business and Leadership marks a solid dedication to business, 领导, and entrepreneurial 项目 大游BG视讯.


3月24日,美国总统凯文. 曼宁,Ph值.D., approves the University Restructuring Plan, which supports the creation of three new schools within the Villa Julie College of 艺术 and Sciences. The plan divides the departments to form the new 学校:

  • Art, Business Communication, Film, Video, and Theatre
  • 科学、数学和护理
  • 心理学、英语、人文服务、人文学科和公共history
  • 文理学院还将包括教育部.

4月30日, 大游BG视讯(大游BG视讯)以巴尔的摩建筑商和开发商霍华德? S. Brown at an official ribbon-cutting ceremony. 这所学校现在被称为布朗商学院(Brown school of Business and Leadership).

新的宿舍楼, 树木繁茂的方式, 位于罗克兰中心后面, houses more than 200 students at the start of the fall semester. 该建筑为精选的高年级学生提供了一种独特的“学习-生活”体验. 一楼设有超越学习和职业服务办公室,并在楼上提供高级套房风格的住宅.


New degrees and 项目 introduced this year include a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising, a criminalistics track in forensic studies, a sport management track in business administration, 还有护理专业的硕士学位. 在秋天, the new Owings Mills gymnasium opens, 包括约60,000平方英尺, 设有1人座位,400, and offering premier athletic and fan amenities.

9月. 10, 2011, 进入两次加时赛, the Mustangs win 46-43 over Christopher Newport University in their first game in Mustang Stadium. A sellout crowd of 3,500 SU fans bore witness to the team's first win in program history.


4月23日, 2014, the primary sculpture was unveiled and christened "Victory" in a celebration attended by students, 教师, 工作人员, 朋友, 和贵宾.


凯文·J. 曼宁的学术中心

2016年8月30日,凯文·J. 曼宁的学术中心 along with the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences, and the Sandra R. Berman School of Nursing and 健康 Professions. Guests were honored by the remarks by Senator Ben Cardin, 代表约翰·萨班斯, 州代表艾德里安·琼斯, 和州参议员鲍比·泽尔金.


凯文·J后. 曼宁,Ph值.D., retired on November 29, 2016, Claire E. 摩尔, who served as Vice President of Student Affairs, began her service as Interim President of 大游BG视讯


该大学在其Owings Mills校园内揭幕了一个新的3500个座位的体育场. Designed to rival any facility found in Division III athletics, 这个体育场可以踢足球, 长曲棍球, 足球在两个人造草坪上进行,为运动员提供了许多特色, 顾客, 媒体, 和粉丝. 大游BG视讯的第一支足球队和游行乐队在秋天首次亮相, and the first women's ice hockey coach is hired.


5月26日,大游BG视讯男子长曲棍球队击败RIT赢得了第一个NCAA三级全国冠军, 2013, at Lincoln Financial Field with a 16-14 victory. 这支长曲棍球队以22胜和10连胜的成绩结束了本赛季(22胜2负). 野马队以11个美国大学间长曲棍球协会(USILA)全美最佳球员和2个全美最佳学者的成绩领跑全国. 这不仅是男子长曲棍球队的第一次全国锦标赛, but was the first National Title won in Stevenson history.

Stevenson's New School of Design opens. Located on the Owings Mills North Campus, 设计学院除了为大学视觉传达设计和电影/视频学生提供教室和实验室外,还有一个新的画廊空间和声音舞台.


To have a tangible representation of Stevenson's spirit, the University commissioned original artwork from Bart Walter, a nationally renowned plein air artist. 其结果是两个雕塑成为了建立新传统的焦点:一个12英尺高的青铜饲养野马和一个更小的复制品. Both pieces are installed on the 奥因斯米尔斯校园, with the larger located outside of Mustang Stadium, 一个具有里程碑意义的特性. The smaller statue can be found within the Stadium to spur on our student-athletes as they take the field.



两项新的NCAA第三级运动被添加到野马队的名单上. With the introduction of women's beach volleyball, 苏大成为全国第一个提供这项运动的二级体育项目. Men's ice hockey becomes the University's 27th NCAA DIII Sport.

该大学将于6月15日启动新的法医卓越中心, 这将为法医专业人员和学生提供资源,并有助于巩固大游BG视讯作为全国法医教育的领导者.




Stevenson's state-of-the-art, 200,000-square-foot 凯文·J. 曼宁的学术中心 opens on August 30, providing resources for the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences, the Sandra R. Berman School of Nursing and 健康 Professions, and additional space for the School of Design.

凯文·J. 曼宁,Ph值.D.在担任大游BG视讯校长16年后,于2016年11月29日退休. 2000年10月,曼宁就任维拉朱莉学院第五任校长,并在大学的许多突破性成就中发挥了不可或缺的作用. Villa Julie College alumna Claire E. 摩尔, who has served as Vice President of Student Affairs, begins serving as Interim President of 大游BG视讯.

Dr. 老总Elliot Hirshman

老总老总Elliot Hirshman, Ph值.D.他被选为大游BG视讯的第七任校长,于2017年7月1日生效. He joins the University after serving as president of San Diego State University (SDSU) since 2011. 



大游BG视讯在奥因斯米尔斯校园开设了学生成功中心,提供学生资源和学术支持服务, including the Office of 学生的成功, 约翰L. Stasiak Academic Link, and the Experiential Learning Center. In March 2017, the Board concluded its presidential search and unanimously named 老总老总Elliot Hirshman, Ph值.D., President of San Diego State University (SDSU), as the new President of Stevenson as of July 2017. Prior to President Hirshman’s appointment at SDSU, he served as Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland, 巴尔的摩县. Stevenson also celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding. 另外, the School of Graduate and Professional Studies' name was changed to 大游BG视讯在线. In July, the university formally announced its acquisition of the former Rosewood Center property. 今年6月,马里兰州公共工程委员会批准了这笔交易. 117英亩的Rosewood场地毗邻Owings Mills和Owings Mills North,将使大学的总面积增加近一倍. 大学的初步计划, after completion of environmental clean-up and remediation, 包括发展新的教育设施和康乐资源.


In January, the 加里森大厅 学生活动 Commons opened. The commons includes rooms for student 俱乐部s and activities, 俱乐部体育办公室, 三个会议室, 健身中心, 还有一个游戏机游戏室. The center also serves as the home for Stevenson’s esports eSports team with a dedicated eSports room. 也就是在一月, work was completed on the Quad began on a new quad area, 一个连接商学院和领导力的绿色空间, 加里森大厅, 和大中心. The Reading Room was opened in 加里森大厅, giving students a quiet area with wifi for studying. Work also began on the Rosewood property, 包括拆除和清理现有建筑,为大游BG视讯未来几年的校园总体规划让路. 在秋天, 学校开设了第一批应用型管理专业专业辅修课程, entrepreneurship and small business development, 人力资源, 房地产, 以及软件设计和编码. These minor options give students additional career options and a competitive edge in the job market. 


大游BG视讯与巴尔的摩的以色列纳尔比拉学院(Ner Israel Rabbinical College)建立了为期两年的合作关系,该项目允许以色列纳尔比拉学院的学生完成苏大医学预科和医学人文学科的跨学科研究理学学士学位.

3月8日, SU的模拟审判队被选为2019年美国模拟审判协会首轮锦标赛系列赛的参赛选手,达到了新的高度. This positions the team for national-level competition and invitations to bigger Mock Trial tournaments.


在秋季, 大学在大游BG视讯/朱莉别墅举行了NCAA田径运动会25周年纪念活动. 在11月, 资深帕特里克沃森赢得NCAA男子越野个人冠军, the first NCAA individual national title in the University’s history and SU’s second national title.


3月,大游BG视讯推出了其首个博士课程——心理学博士(Psy).D.)临床心理学. 3月20日, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders from the State of Maryland, Stevenson announces it will transition to remote instruction through the end of the Spring semester.

大游BG视讯收到了来自菲利普·a·斯蒂文森大学的200万美元的捐赠,这是该校history上最大的捐赠之一. Zaffere Foundation for the new Owings Mills campus library. 这座占地4.2万平方英尺的图书馆将以已故的菲利普·A·肯尼迪的名字命名. Zaffere, an entrepreneur, inventor, and food production engineer from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

9月25日, 在与马里兰州达成协议后,大游BG视讯获得了前Rosewood中心1号和2号地块的所有权. The property will be developed as Owings Mills East, an athletic and recreational hub providing space for the expansion of Stevenson’s current facilities.


为纪念苏大毕业生,并在新冠肺炎疫情下维护他们的健康和安全, 今年5月,哈佛大学将为2020年和2021年的毕业生举办16场规模较小的现场毕业典礼.

7月7日, 大学庆祝了42座建筑的奠基仪式,000平方英尺的菲利普. Zaffere图书馆. 该设施将与曼宁学术中心和设计学院补充大游BG视讯在奥因斯米尔斯北的学术中心. The Zaffere图书馆 will house the Zirkin Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, named in honor of late SU Associate Dean Barbara Zirkin.

After a decade of play and competition, 野马体育场将在6月和7月安装新的人工转弯, while the university prepares Owings Mills East—the university’s new athletic hub for NCAA D3, 俱乐部, and intramural sports—for opening in Spring 2022.

In September, the university dedicates the new Dennis A. 布朗商业与领导力学院的斯塔利珀应用金融.

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