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大游BG视讯 alumni receive a number of great 好处, including:

  • Lifetime membership in the 校友会.
  • 校友 Identification Card that provides free access to the libraries and fully-equipped, modern fitness centers on each campus, as well as the racquetball court in the Caves Sports Center at the 奥因斯米尔斯校园.
  • Special Frequent Buyer Card - good at the Rockland Marketplace; purchase six meals and get the seventh free!
  • 20 percent off special every month at 的 Starting Gate - Stevenson Campus Store 使用校友身份证.
  • 订阅 合资企业 where you can read all about your classmates in the Class Notes.
  • 校友 e-newsletters to keep you informed of upcoming events and ways to get involved.
  • Exclusive invitations to alumni events such as 返校节+家庭周末, 校友聚会, 校园演讲, 和客座讲师.
  • Use of the Office of 职业服务 and professional development for career networking and mentoring opportunities.


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乔安loannou 94

乔安loannou 94 

JoAnn Ioannou, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC from the Villa Julie Nursing Class of 1994 is this year’s recipient of the Distinguished 校友 Award 大游BG视讯.  

杰出校友奖 is presented to a graduate who has achieved a high level of success in their professional career and has made outstanding contributions to their community. 

Dr. Ioannou was nominated by Judith Feustle, Associate Dean of Nursing in the Sandra R. Berman School of Nursing and 健康 Professions. 

Dr. Ioannou holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Villa Julie College as well as a Bachelor of 艺术 degree in Psychology from Towson University. She also holds a Master of Science in Nursing, a Master of Business Administration, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from 的 Johns Hopkins University. 

“We never stop learning, even after we graduate. My advice is to find areas you are passionate about and take the time to learn and grow. Take the time to challenge yourself because you will grow both personally and professionally.” 

Dr. Ioannou currently serves as the Executive 副总统 of Hospital Operations and Chief Nursing Officer at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. She recently became the highest-ranking woman in the GBMC organization. 

在她的角色中,她是一位医生. Ioannou is responsible for identifying, 设计, and implementing systems for the highest levels of clinical quality and service, 病人的经验, 健康结果, and optimization of resources towards greater efficiencies in the provision of health care services – all driven by a culture of continuous performance improvement.  

“的 most rewarding aspect of my work to serving our community. It is an honor and privilege to help someone in need. I am proud that we treat our patients as we would our own loved ones. I also believe it is my professional obligation to mentor upcoming leaders because ultimately it makes the organization stronger.” 

Dr. Ioannou values the importance of collaboration at every level of the organization and works closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer on GBMC’s innovative lean design work. 

“I have been fortunate to have had incredible mentors who took the time to help me grow and learn. 我的导师 would set the bar high and then kept pushing me to reach for the stars. A great mentor will always tell you the truth and make sure you don’t stay too comfortable in your current role.” 

Dr. Ioannou has maintained a strong connection to her alma mater through the years having served as an adjunct professor within the School of Nursing and 健康 Professions. Additionally, she is a current member of Stevenson’s Nursing Advisory Board. 

“It is both my personal and professional commitment to give back to my alma mater, they helped me become the person I am today.” 

It is our great honor 大游BG视讯 to recognize Dr. JoAnn Ioannou as this year’s recipient of the Distinguished 校友 Award. 


希拉·沃尔什92 ' 03米

希拉·沃尔什92 ' 03米 

希拉·沃尔什 from the Villa Julie Classes of 1992 and 2003 is this year’s recipient of the 忠诚的校友奖 大游BG视讯

的 忠诚的校友奖 is presented to a graduate who consistently demonstrates loyalty and commitment to the university, works to advance Stevenson's mission, and provides steadfast philanthropic support to their alma mater. 

Sheila holds two degrees from Stevenson. She earned her bachelor's degree in computer information systems in 1992 and her master’s degree in advanced 信息技术 in 2003. Sheila attended Villa Julie College as an adult student when she was raising her two sons.  

“的 staff at Villa Julie were totally supportive of me in my pursuit of both my BS and MS. I received help on many levels to make sure I could successfully complete my course work. It had been 20 years since I had graduated high school and the teaching methods had completely changed in that time. 作为一个诵读困难的人, I had a difficult time spelling correctly and my 老师 and tutors found ways to help me successfully produce my written documents. 也, 经济学教授吉尔·埃默, realized I was a dedicated student but I had a hard time on tests. Professor Ermer worked with me to understand my educational needs and find a solution to my dilemma.” 

Upon earning her bachelor’s degree in 1992, Sheila began an impressive career in the IT field. Shen then earned her master’s in 2003. Sheila retired in 2011, ending her ten-year tenure with the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services as Webmaster Supervisor. 

Sheila enjoys hiking and being outdoors, 绘画和其他艺术活动, and participating in the Women’s Club of Roland Park.  

她还在 线程, a non-profit that harnesses the power of relationships to create a new social fabric of diverse individuals deeply engaged with young people facing the most significant opportunity and achievement gaps. 的 Baltimore community is committed to ending social isolation and building a more equitable culture in which everyone thrives.  

“My involvement with 线程 has helped me to grow and understand the mechanics of relationship building. 线程 is an organization to help low performing Baltimore City Public School students to understand their own value and potential for meeting their life dreams. But it is also and organization that helps all members of the 线程 families make progress in their lives and relationship interactions.” 

Sheila serves in the role of “Head of Family” within the overarching structure and connects regularly with her family members – consisting of Baltimore youth and fellow volunteers. 在大流行, Sheila has been hosting one of her high school student mentees for tutoring and social engagement in her home. 

Sheila has maintained a strong connection to her alma mater through the years and has provided steadfast philanthropic support to our university community. 

Sheila has an endowed scholarship in her name which 好处 a student recipient annually. She is a member of the Nick Mueller Society for leadership giving, the 1947 Club for consecutive giving, and the Greak Oaks Society for planned giving.  

“VJC / SU has enriched my life economically, spiritually and by giving me access to lifelong relationships that have enriched all aspects of my life. I support Stevenson to pay back the university for the lifelong support in my employment efforts. 毕业后, I worked at an organization that went out of business and the Villa Julie Career Center assisted me in finding replacement employment. I also received scholarship while getting both my BS and MS degrees, so I believe I have a responsibility to pay it forward so other students can receive that same help.” 

Additionally, she serves as a member of the 总统’s Advisory Council.  

“My alma mater made me a member of their community which I now call my SU family. 家庭是我的一切. Whether it is my biological family or my chosen family. For me, family is a source of unrelenting unconditional love. A group of individuals who care about me and my success and for whom I care deeply. 我的导师, 老师, 支持者, and family members have given me unconditional love and taught me that giving to others brings me great joy.” 

Sheila’s support and commitment to our university is unwavering. It is our great honor 大游BG视讯 to recognize 希拉·沃尔什 as this year’s recipient of the 忠诚的校友奖. 




吉娜弗雷泽 from the Class of 2013 is this year’s recipient of the Young 校友 Award 大游BG视讯.  

的 Young 校友 Award is presented to a graduate of the past 15 years who has achieved extraordinary professional success, has a personal commitment to civic or humanitarian efforts, and has remained engaged with their alma mater. 

Janel earned her degree in early childhood education at Stevenson. She went on to confer a Master of Art in Teaching degree from National University in 2015 and has obtained National and State certifications in both early childhood and elementary education. 

“的 more we learn, the more flexible and open we will be to new experiences. 的se new experiences help us grow and enjoy life to its fullest.” 

Janel is a first-grade teacher at Greencastle Elementary School and has spent the past eight years teaching in the Montgomery County Public School system. 

Like all educators, Janel has faced challenges amid the pandemic. 在过去的一年里, she has creatively adapted to new modes of instruction and has focused on the importance of making memorable moments with her first graders while teaching remotely. 

“In a year with so many tragedies and unusual moments, it was important for me to build relationships and trust with my students. I wanted my students to feel like school is an exciting place where they felt heard and able to have new experiences.” 

“的 best moments by far have been watching my students work together to solve problems. 的re are so many times when I have been ready to explain something, but another student quickly volunteered to share their screen and walk their classmates through the process. This has been such an empowering moment for them as they gain leadership skills that they may not have been able to tap into before!” 

在她的教室, Janel is involved in volunteer organizations where she aligns her teaching experience with the needs of local non-profits. She is a tutor for Good Children in the Making Foster Care Company in Silver Spring, Maryland. She has designed and implemented a STEM Enrichment Program for the organization. Janel is also involved with Christ Church Media Ministry. 

While a student at SU, Janel was very involved in student life. 她是 野马队的成员, 大游BG视讯大使, a member of Sigma Alpha Pi Honor Society, a member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, a member of Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society, a member of Teachers of Tomorrow and Equity in Education, an NCATE Education Department Review Panelist, a Mentor for SU America Read's Program, 和一个学术链接导师.  

“Don't be afraid of trying something new! College is a great time to try things that you may not have thought you would enjoy. Whether it's giving tours to prospective students, tutoring others in the Academic Link, or going to see a show that you never would have thought would interest you, college is a great time to learn more about what you are passionate about. You also can meet some great friends along the way who really make your life more meaningful.” 

Beyond graduation, Janel has maintained her involvement and a strong connection to her alma mater.  她曾担任校友小组成员, volunteered at Open Houses and 接受学生 Days, presented at numerous conferences alongside faculty member Dr. Beth Kobett, and has recently joined the School of Education faculty as an adjunct professor. 

“I really enjoyed my Stevenson experience! I had amazing professors who really cared and wanted to see me succeed. To this day, I'm still really close to some of them and solicit their advice regularly. I wanted to be able to give back to future students by helping them have a great experience as well.” 

It is our great honor 大游BG视讯 to recognize 吉娜弗雷泽 as this year’s recipient of the Young 校友 Award. 

“I am so humbled to have been selected for this award! I appreciate the opportunity to give to students who are pursuing a career in education and love being able to share what I have learned with them. As the keynote speaker at my own commencement ceremony said, "Follow your passions and they will become your success." I am happy that my passion for helping others has led me here today and look forward to ways that I can continue to give back in the future.” 


Be present in the Stevenson community.

大游BG视讯 supports and encourages alumni involvement to help further the mission of the University. Below are some ways you can serve as a volunteer and remain actively engaged with your alma mater.

Attend a University-sponsored event

  • 返校节+家庭周末
  • 高尔夫锦标赛
  • 画廊开张
  • 体育游戏
  • 剧院作品或音乐会

Become involved with one of the outstanding academic 项目 on campus

  • Serve on an academic advisory board
  • Speak to specific classes or majors throughout the year
  • Work with departments to mentor students
  • Work with 职业服务 to provide career guidance

Encourage other alumni to become involved with 大游BG视讯

  • Serve as a reunion class agent and encourage reunion class attendance and support of your Reunion Class Gift during 首页coming Weekend
  • Initiate or participate in an affinity or professional group gathering
  • 为校友举办聚会

Become an ambassador for the University within your community

  • Be a conduit for communication about the University within your neighborhood
  • Represent the University when working with other non-profit organizations
  • Host an event for prospective students and their families for the 招生 Office
  • Volunteer to help with a partnership between your company and SU

Remain involved through the alumni program

  • Serve as a volunteer for an alumni-sponsored event
  • 参加焦点小组, 班级聚会, 留言板, and other information gathering opportunities
  • Provide class notes and updates for profiles in University publications and websites

Take on a leadership role at the University

  • Serve on the 校友会理事会
  • Provide philanthropic leadership to the University


Are you interested in sharing your professional background and how you got to be where you are with current students? Would you like to discuss career pathways and have informational interviews with our students? 如果是这样的话, you might want to consider becoming a Professional Network member through 大游BG视讯的职业生涯联系.

学生可以搜索你的专业, 行业, and career field and then reach out to you to request further information. You decide on the number of students who can contact you and what content areas you wish to share. 的 initial contact is made virtually through 大游BG视讯的职业生涯联系. A set of guidelines and protocols for our mentors and students is provided to help create a mutually beneficial relationship.




大游BG视讯 校友会 exists to create a strong and vibrant network of alumni who work to advance themselves and the SU community by participating in current University events while connecting themselves with fellow alumni. 的 校友会 encourages alumni involvement in events and giving and is opened to all alumni of 大游BG视讯 and Villa Julie College.


大游BG视讯 校友会 is composed of all graduates of the institution’s undergraduate and/or graduate degree 项目. 的 校友会 is led by the members of the 校友会 Board.


的 校友会理事会 builds alumni connections and provides continuous commitment to the growing 大游BG视讯 community. 的 Board also brings an invaluable expertise from a wide range of professions including business, 法律, 金融, 信息技术, 艺术, 和更多的.


安东尼·戴维斯,'02 '03米
米勒Blaire 05
安吉拉Pallozzi 05 克里斯蒂娜·鲍曼的02 尼古拉斯Farano”12


布拉德利Bartkowiak 07年 玛格丽特·博伊德·安德森91年17年 罗伯特·卡特08年
乔·安娜·康瑞,62 86 92年 梅根·多诺万·柯蒂斯16岁 布伦丹Dreitlein的16
以斯帖福特的11 Matthew Glace '03 '06米 卡萝莉·马特尔,63 89 97年
雪莉马特洛克74年 安德鲁·麦格雷戈,15米16米 Gabby Howard Wash, 12岁
玛西娅Neuburger 05 AJ Randhawa的11 凯蒂·赖利“10”12米
瑞安沙拉的15 马西·伍德,93 97年 詹妮弗·米拉姆·斯奈德2009年


的re are many ways to be involved with the 校友会. 校友 are encouraged to connect with the 校友会 online in order to stay in touch with friends and classmates. 校友 are also encouraged to attend events, 作为演讲者志愿者, 导师的学生, initiate a corporate partnership in your workplace, or cheer on one of Stevenson's many sports teams.


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